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October 2023

FCSS Speakers’ Corner Over a year ago, Dinah of FCSS approached us with this idea. Now, with the Activities Committee’s plan to add it to Birthday Mondays, it’s bound to become a staple. In August, artist Arlene Western’s painting workshop. Doing art is said to enhance cognitive function and improve memory: we can all benefit from that! Participants were given a blank canvas, blobs of paint, a brush, and water. Arlene’s undemanding help made it a relaxing experience, with a piece of art to take home. In September, Johanna and Carole presented the work of Caregivers Alberta. Founded in 2001 by a group of concerned caregivers, the organization strives to empower caregivers and promote their well-being by providing resources, mental health support, and education for Albertans caring for family members or friends. We also met Pam who is taking over when Dinah retires this month. We thank them both for including our Club in their work with Beaumont seniors. If you can think of topics that would be of interest, please contact Ilona or Barb Willis, and we will forward them to Pam. Weekly Club Activities Daily Access Fee: Members $2, Non-Members $4 Coffee Club: Mon. to Sat. 9 - 11 a.m. Cribbage & Pool: Mon. to Sat. 9 - 11 a.m. Canasta: Mon. 1 pm Donna 780-929-3585 Pickleball: Tues./Thurs. 9-11 am Tina 780-914-8880 Exercise: Mon. 11-12 (other days will resume soon) Jeannette 780-737-1018 Bridge: Tues./Thurs. 1 - 3:30 pm Mona 780-929-1253 Bingo: Wed. 7:30 pm Everyone welcome! Floor Curling: Wed. 1:30 p.m. starting October 11. Doug 825-474-2374 Darts & Pool: Fri. 7 pm John A. 1-250-715-6986 Quirky Quilters: Bi-weekly Thurs. 7 p.m. Next one Oct. 5. Audrey 780-929-8212 For more information, contact Norm Morris: phone 1-403-586-9935, email and check out the Activities Calendar on the website Next Sunday Brunch T.B.A. *Members $15 Non-Members $17* Board of Directors 2023

EXECUTIVE Bill DaneluikPresident587-357-5206 John AthertonVice-President1-250-715-6986 Linda CustTreasurer 1-403-304-7415

Barb Willis Secretary 780-929-8932

Committee Chairs: Finance: Bill; Activities/Fundraising: Norm; Operations/Maintenance: John A. and others;

Communications: Barb;

Membership: Tina 780-914-8880 Hall Rentals: Terry Ellis 587-988-9598 Transportation: Yash Sharma 780-200-0246 Newsletter: Ilona Ryder DIRECTORS George Brademann780-929-5859

Norm Morris1-403-586-9935 Vic Hankey780-975-6556

Olga Janzen780-440-9406 Yash Sharma780-200-0246

Barry Girvan780-929-6677 Robert (Rob) Huggan780-718-2622

Greg Vera587-434-9311

Club Membership:

The annual fee of $25 per person is due: Deadline October 31. Preferred payment is by e-transfer. Application/Renewal Form required. Thanks to everyone who has already paid.

Announcements – *see Posters for details*

· Monday, October 16, Birthday cake with your coffee at 10. Speaker’s Corner T.B.A.

·       Friday, October 20, 1 to 3 pm – Jam Session Open to the public; drop-in fees apply.

· Saturday, October 21, *Oktoberfest* tickets $20 p.p. SOLD OUT!

· Tuesday, October 24, 9 – 11 am – Flu Clinic

Support Our Bus

· Weekly Thursday shopping trip for all 50+ Beaumont residents. For home pickup, call Colette anytime until Wed. 5:30 pm (new number780-996-3043) Next trip is Oct 5 to Kingsway. (NOTE: Oct. 12 trip destination is changed from Northgate to St. Albert Centre)

· For the monthly Wednesday River Cree Casino trips, pick-up is at Place Beauséjour. Call Sandy 780-984-0854. Next casino trip is Oct 25.

Beyond the Club

· Tuesday, October 10, 1-2 pm. Beaumont Library Seniors Corner. Ilona Ryder presents her new book Art in the City. Registration encouraged; drop-ins welcome.

· The Rig Hand Distillery trip on Sept 20 was a great success. A Big Thanks to Madeleine O. and Linda C. for organizing, and the bus driver Barb for coming out of retirement to drive.

Happy Thanksgiving!

§ Why did they let the turkey join the band? > Because he had his own drumsticks.

§ What's a turkey's favorite Thanksgiving food? > Nothing—it's already stuffed.

§ What kind of noise does a limping turkey make? > Wobble, wobble.

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