As you may be aware, AHS has implemented a mandate for proof of vaccination with the new QR code requirements effective November 15, 2021.


This means you must have a QR code to enter the Club but please note this only applies to Club members who have not already registered their proof of vaccination with the Club.


For example:

Since the REP plan began a number of weeks ago, if you came for a coffee or to play crib or whatever and you showed your proof of vaccination and the person in charge of coffee or the event recorded your proof, this QR code requirement does not affect you.

You can continue to come to the Club as you have been.


As of Nov 15/21, the QR code for Club entry is required for:

  1. any current Club member whose has not provided proof of double vaccination and

  2. any and all guests to the Club.


I want to thank Joyce Johnson who has done all the legwork on getting our Club ready for this new QR code requirement.