COVID 19 Guidelines for our CLUB as of September 22, 2021



As you are aware, last week the Provincial Government brought in new Covid guidelines that will change the way we operate the Club.

We had a special Board meeting yesterday where we met outside to discuss the changes and based on the new rules, the only way to stay open to allow our members to continue to use the Club was to adopt the rules pertaining to the Provincial Restrictions Exemption program.


The Board passed this motion:

As mandated by Public Health Order # 43-2021, Bill moved that effective Wednesday, September 22, 2021 the Beaumont 50+ Club adopt the Provincial Restrictions Exemption Program which requires that each person entering the Club must show proof of vaccinations. In addition, the Club will require masks to be worn at all times within the Club unless you are seated and consuming food and/or drink or involved in physical activities. Furthermore, any individual cannot enter the Club if they have any symptoms of Covid.


The motion was passed by all voting Board members in attendance.


Now, what does this mean?

When entering the Club, you will be required to show the person looking after the event proof of your vaccinations. The person looking after the proof of vaccinations will be the person doing coffee that morning or the person in charge of the bridge club or pickle ball or bingo and so on.

You will also be required to wear your mask at all times.


The best way to explain it is to use examples:

  1. You come into the Club wearing your mask and get a coffee and/or a treat. You sit down and you can take off your mask to drink your coffee and eat. Once you are done, you put your mask back on for the duration of your visit. If you are still having coffee without your mask but must use the washroom, you put your mask on, go to the washroom, return to your seat and take your mask off to resume your coffee.


  3. You enter the Club wearing your mask and you sit down to chat with people without getting a coffee or treat, you leave your mask on while you chat.


  5. You enter the club wearing your mask and sit down to play crib, you keep your mask on unless you are having coffee or a treat while you are playing crib. If you are playing crib but not drinking or eating, you keep your mask on.

  6. So it is possible that in a group of 4 playing crib, one person is eating or drinking without a mask on while their 3 playing partners are wearing their mask.

         4. You enter the Club wearing your mask and go the pickle ball area. While playing pickle ball, you do

              not wear your mask but when you are done playing, you put your mask back on.


I hope these examples help but to put it plainly, unless you are playing pickle ball or are seated and having coffee or treats, you must wear your mask in the Club.

Jim and his maintenance crew are doing an excellent job of sanitizing the tables and chairs on a regular basis for your safety.

By following these rules, we will keep our members safe.


Thank you.





Bill Daneluik


Beaumont 50+ Club