Beaumont FCSS Announcement - November 17, 2020










Beaumont has been upgraded to WATCH status on the Alberta COVID 19 tracking system. Effective October 2, the facilities are closed to all activities until further notice.


Letter to the Membership

October 1, 2020 from Phil Lee, President


COVID19 continues to keep us from coming together to enjoy the social interaction the Club offers. Currently, there is no change in the stage two phase of reopening. In fact, over the past few days Beaumont has gone from no cases to eight cases of infection. It appears that as predicted we are entering the second wave of the pandemic. I will keep you informed if there is to be any change in the use of the facility. For now, we will continue to be open Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11, 1-3:30 to accommodate pickleball, cribbage and the bridge club. In addition, the exercise club meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10:00 to 11:00.


Election of Officers


Nominations close Oct. 1. We received one nomination for a board member.


Your Executive is comprised of :

President, Philip Lee

Vice President, Joyce Johnson

Treasurer, Jack MacRae


Your Directors are comprised of:


Maxine Cherwonka, Elizabeth Dunbar, Gilbert Shantz, Bill Daneluik, Suba Jay, Sandy Lefebvre and Stan Gerber


Grants and Contributions



We have completed all  the improvements submitted under the CFEP Contribution and have completed our final report. All  the funds were used in accordance with the agreement.


New Horizons


A contribution was approved in the amount of $5,000 for COVID 19 programs for seniors.

We identified two projects that we felt would be beneficial to our members.


Drive Happiness provides affordable transportation for seniors. For example, their volunteer drivers will take seniors to appointments in Edmonton, in town trips for  groceries and events and to other communities for special occasions. I will go into greater detail in a separate letter. The Club will pay the first-year annual membership fee which average $30 -$50 per year. This will be offered to all seniors in the Beaumont area. If you would like to take advantage of this please contact me at: or directly with Drive Happiness at:

Computer Literacy Training will be offered to seniors who do not have a computer and as a result are isolated from interaction with family and friends. We will be offering computer training in a safe environment using tablets. Once a senior has demonstrated the ability to use the tablet and depending on their circumstances, we will provide them with a tablet. We are also looking at options for affordable internet access. Stan Gerber will be taking the lead on this project. If you know anyone who would like to receive training contact me or Stan Gerber at:




We have applied for a grant in the amount of $2500.00 to offset the cost of rebranding the Club and acquiring marketing tools to attract new members.


An application has also been submitted in the amount of $5,000.00 to assist in covering our transportation costs. This includes insurance, inspections, maintenance, driver medicals and driver abstracts.


Financial Standing


The Club is financially solvent and able to meet its expenses. We will send out a summary after our next Board meeting.




This letter, being sent via email and on our website, will only reach about 65% of our members who have a computer or access to one. In part, this is by choice, nevertheless, it is not acceptable that these members are not kept in the loop about what is happening in their Club. It will be a priority item at our Board Meeting on Oct. 5th to find a  way to get the information out to them other than handwritten envelopes.


In closing your Board of Directors is continuing to work on new initiatives that will benefit the members as well as looking forward to what is required to provide good management decisions and processes to attract new members. It goes without saying that you are welcome to contact me or any member of the Board if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns.




Philip Lee



Alberta Seniors 55 Plus webpage - click on link below to go their webpage.