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FCSS - looking for volunteers

FCSS has a new Intergenerational Legacy project.  FCSS is looking for volunteers who would be willing to be part of our planning committee.  The committee will plan 8 activities that will happen over the next year, they will also plan a celebratory event “Breaking Bread”.  Beaumont FCSS Legacy project will bring together generations in a way that transforms how they interact and think about each other.  This transformation will take place through a year-long Legacy Project that promotes diversity, inclusion, Intergenerational mentoring, and intercultural learning. Margaret Mead said it best “Connections between generations are essential for the mental health and stability of nations”. We believe participants will learn why every child needs an elder, and every elder needs the young. There will be a photographer and graphic artist documenting all the events, this information will be put into a book that will be shared with all participants and kept at the library for generations to come.

Call Dinah for more information at 780-929-1006