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January 2024 Newsletter

Club members enjoyed several events to celebrate Christmas and say Good-bye to 2023. Festivities began in earnest with the Floor Curling Party on Dec. 13, the players decked out in season’s costumes. There were prizes for winning teams, and pot-luck goodies for all.

Next was the Dec. 19 Christmas Lunch and traditional Bake Sale, traditionally successful!

And finally, we rang in 2024 (yes, early as per seniors’ habit) on Dec. 29 with the Pre-New Year ‘s Games Night. Despite everyone’s busy lives, about 60 people attended (and didn’t leave early!)

As always, we owe a big THANK-YOU to the many volunteers that made it all happen, and also to the sponsors that provided door prizes.

Volunteers Needed: For example, to keep the coffee fresh, we need 8 volunteers. See the sign-up sheets.


Announcements – see posters/schedules for details

·       Monday, Jan. 15, Birthday cake with your coffee

·       Friday, Jan. 19, Music Jam 1 – 3 pm. Listen and dance to Charlie Kapchinsky’s band!

·       COMING IN FEBRUARY: Crib Tournament, Saturday 17th; Poltluck, date TBA


Support Our Bus - see schedules for details

·       Weekly Thursday shopping trip for all 50+ Beaumont residents. For home pickup, call Colette 780-996-3043 until Wed. 5:30 pm. Next trip Jan. 11, Londonderry

·       For the monthly Wednesday River Cree Casino trips, pick-up is at Place Beauséjour. Contact Barry, 780-929-6677 for info. Next casino trip is Jan. 17


Beyond the Club

·       Tuesday, January 9, 1-2 pm. Beaumont Library Seniors Corner. Test your Alberta attractions know-how with ‘Epic Alberta Trivia Adventure.’ Registration is required (780) 929-2665).

On the Lighter Side

·       Last year, I kept all my New Year’s resolutions. They’re tucked away in a journal on my bookshelf.

·       My New Year’s resolution is to read more. So, I’ve enabled subtitles on my TV.

·       I don’t call them New Year’s resolutions. I prefer the term “casual promises to myself that I am under no legal obligation to fulfill.”

·       And finally… May all your troubles last as long as your New Year’s resolutions!

               BEST WISHES TO ALL FOR 2024!

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